FM Brand with instruments

Celebrating the multi-genre music of FM radio. The way it used to be.

fm band logoFM is a new band with old roots. The members of the band have amassed a mantle full of awards and dozens of hit songs ranging from Pop to Rock to Broadway, Country, Jazz, Blues and even Classical. Since their very first appearance sold out the world famous Bluebird Café in minutes, they have been barnstorming the country to rave reviews. Their show is unique, using a ‘radio station’ format with witty sketches that weave together the classic songs for which they are known.

This entertaining presentation of an era of popular music includes award-winning singers and songwriters, including Leslie Ellis (a Grammy Award winner) and Jeff Gilkinson, member of Bluegrass Hall of Fame Band Dillards.

What people say about FM:

“FM (is) “visual” radio performed by unique talents – it’s GREAT! The format enables their diverse creative abilities to shine.” – Former TN Governor Don Sundquist

“Of all the events we have done, this was by far not only the most unique but was also the best quality we’ve had. The diversity of music genres and talent showcased by FM was unexpected and enormously entertaining!” – Bob Patterson, Executive Dir. Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center

Read the member bios here.

Watch them live below!