Officers of the Association

2019 – 2020 Season


PresidentRick Jones
Vice-PresidentNova Lewis
SecretaryIrene Craig
Asst. SecretaryGloria Hickson
TreasurerAlice Auten
Past PresidentSuzanne McLean
Concert ChairPepie Jones
Publicity ChairTony Giacobbe
Hospitality ChairRick &Pepie Jones
Membership ChairBoard Members

Board of Directors


Class of 2020

  • Naomi Caldwell-Lindsay
  • Loretta Forbes
  • Rose Routszong

Class of 2021

  • Donna Forbes
  • Diane McSwain
  • Frances Randolph
  • Gail White

Class of 2022

  • Cindy Giacobbe
  • Tony Giacobbe
  • Pamela Williams

Life Members

  • Irene Craig
  • Rick Jones
  • Abby Robinson


Responsibilities of Board Members


  • Represent the organization and act as a positive spokesman in interpreting the organization’s work and values to the community.
  • Attend meetings and special events.
  • Support the organization financially at a level that is meaningful to the board member.
  • Serve the operation of the organization through a committee responsibility.
  • Participate actively in the annual membership drive.